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Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 25Kg

Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 25Kg Suitable for use in lime, sand, mortar, plaster, and render. Lime NHL 3.5 has outstanding workability & great water retention. It will improve plasticity create high cohesion and result in low shrinkage. It also has the advantage of being resistant to Sulfates and freeze thaw actions. Hanson lime is packed in moisture resistant 25kg bags. This product is manufactured with conservation, restoration and renovation in mind.

- Made from limestone
- Can be applied in extremely harsh conditions, including sea-defence walls, parapets, lime crate floors, foundations and other uses.
- Provides efficient water retention and durability
- Has low shrinking capacity and high plasticity and cohesion
- Sulphate-resistant and sinks easily underwater
- Ideal for restoration, renovation and conservation projects
- Comes with a bag that is resistant to moisture


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