Illustration Purpose Only


Illustration Purpose Only

20mm Gravel / Stone / Shingle

This 20mm shingle is often chosen for landscaping and garden utility uses. It has a number of other applications, including concreting and floor screeds (when mixed with other products), driveways, paths and mulching borders. The appearance of this stone may vary depending on your area and where it is quarried. Most common colours include that shown in the photos. In the South West of the Country, South Cerny stone will be sold as a substitute due to availability.


Sizes and weights: (Actual weights will vary depending on moisture content)

Bulk bag: Delivered in bulk bags for large project quantities. Product weighs 850kg. Bulk bag is not chargeable but can be returned and recycled at your nearest supplier depot.

Handy bag: Supplied in plastic packaging and is suitable for outside storage. Product weighs 25kg.


What size?

The gravels most commonly used as a loose surface dressing are in the 10-20mm size range. Anything over 20mm can be difficult to walk upon. In general, the smaller 10mm gravels would be used for footpaths and the 10-20mm gravels for driveways, but it really is a matter of personal taste. One deciding factor could be that, the smaller gravel can be brought into the house on footwear.


What depth?

A thin surface dressing risks being disturbed or scuffed and so exposing the underlying layers, and so we typically recommend the minimum depth be at least twice the size of the gravel being used and/or a minimum of 25mm. And once you have a depth that is more than about three times the size of the gravel, it becomes too unstable.


Tail Lift

Loose Load

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Handy bag (Generally 25KG) 
Price: £9.99
Bulk Bag 850KG Approximately 
Price: £62.99

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